Wedding dances are the most important and exciting part of any wedding. In this ceremony, everyone dances their heart out making it a memorable day for them. Weddings also involve special, traditional dances that spotlight honored guests. Not to forget that practicing for the dance performances can be hectic as well as super fun for the family members.

If you want to make your big day special with your stunning performance, browse wedding dance lessons near me. So, to make it a little easier you can search for the wedding dance lessons near me.

Here, we have prepared a list of what to do for the big day wedding performance to make your task easy and hassle-free.

wedding dance lessons near meHire a Choreographer

The first thing to do to make your wedding day special with your dance performance is to hire a choreographer. Search wedding dance lessons near me to find the best dance choreographer according to your preferences.

Songs of your preference

The song choice is one of the most important parts of the entire choreography. As it should match the vibe of the atmosphere. Even if one forgot his step while performing then with the song going on, he/ she could improvise the steps with the flow of the song. The song should match your relation with the couple.


The most important part of a dance performance at a wedding is choreography. As not everyone is a good dancer so you can search for the wedding dance lessons near me. With this, you can search for choreographers near you.

Couple Dance

The couple dance is one of the most awaited dance performances of the evening on a wedding day. Couple dancing on the romantic numbers is a sight to behold. The love they share for each other can be seen in their performance. The couple dance is should be the most special. The romantic song and dance steps should be taken special care.

Source of music

DJ or Bands are a great source of Music on a wedding day for a wedding dance performance. So, one should communicate their music preferences for the big day. According to your preferences, they can trim the music and can make it according to your taste for performances.

Size of the stage

The size of the stage matters for the dance performances as it will help you to plan your performances accordingly. As it will also give you an idea that how many people should be in a group while performing on a stage.

Rehearse as much as you can

Many factors can affect the big wedding day so one should be prepared thoroughly. Whether it is dance practice, dress rehearsal, etc. One can even rehearse while doing their chores or can memorize the steps and can practice when he or she is free. The main idea is to dance perfectly.

Extra effects with lighting

To make the dance performance more appealing you can add some lighting for the effects and can also add smoke bombs disco lights, sparklers, etc. Using such items, you can give an edge in the decorations which can give you an amazing center stage for the performances with beautiful visuals.

Tips for Song Selection

Wedding songs make a balance between couples and guest weddings. Song selected for dance performances should match the vibes. So before selecting the songs consider the following tips.

• Age-appropriate songs should be considered.

• Alert the DJ in advance of any songs you want to avoid so there must be no hassle in the ceremony.


Wedding performances are all about celebrating and having fun with your near and dear ones. So regardless of preparation if you forget the steps then just enjoy the moment.

As your main aim should be being yourself. Because everybody wants to perform good but, you should not focus mainly on your steps as it will stop you from having fun and enjoying the wedding to the fullest.

So, enjoy as nobody will be judging you for the performances. While preparing for the wedding performance keep the given instructions in mind while in action.