Amongst all the wedding preparations, you rarely get time to enjoy your special day. While you are busy entertaining and greeting your guests, your special day gets over in front of your eyes and what is left are the memories treasured in the photographs. After the hullabaloo settles down and you go through your wedding album, the first thing that catches your eyes and fills your heart with multiple emotions is seeing yourself in your beautiful wedding gown. Your bridal dress is not just a garment you wore on your big day, but a representation of all that your wedding meant for you. And that is the reason why you want to preserve your wedding gown for the years to come, and what other better way do so than opt for wedding dress storage bags.

What You Should Know About Preserving Your Wedding GownThere was a time when the only popular method to safeguard your precious garments was to seal them in vacuum bags but now this technique is outdated and not used by many. The truth is it can cause more harm than benefit. With this technique you put your bridal dress in a garment storage bags and close it. Then using a vacuum pump all the air is sucked out of the bag and it shrinks to a size which is easily storable. Though you can protect your garment from oxidation damage using this method, but it can cause some serious creasing and can even result in tearing up. This is because if any dress is left folded for a long duration, it can deteriorate from the folds. Moreover, it is not possible to open the vacuum bag periodically and check for damage. Even a slightest hint of moisture can result in the garment getting spoiled by mold and mildew.

So what is the ideal way to preserve your wedding gown? Before we get to that you need to understand the risks that your wedding dress can be subjected to:

•  Creasing: Your bridal gown is not a simple dress. In most probability it will be very delicate and bulky. It is not possible to just keep it hanging in the wardrobe; nor can you fold it and risk creasing. The only possible way to prevent this is using the bagging or boxing method.

•  Yellowing: This is another big problem. A wedding dress is typically white and is one of the biggest targets of yellowing. Generally, inferior quality garment bags are made of plastic; even the bags that come with your dry-cleaning are made of bad quality plastic and can harm your precious dress over time. The thing is plastic bags produce chemicals fumes and result in fading of the dress and loss of color. This can be prevented with the use of linen or muslin bags and casing the bridal gown in acid-free tissues.

•  Mildew:  Moisture is a big hazard when storing clothes for a longer duration. If sealed using vacuum method, your dress will not be able to breathe and even if a little moisture is left while packing, it will cause mold and mildew. This can be avoided if your storage method permits a breathable environment and assists in maintaining stable humidity and permits evaporation of any excess dampness.

Now, we can proceed and discuss various preservation methods and the best technique according to your requirements. However, irrespective of what method you choose, you must get your bridal gown dry-cleaned from a good professional service. This will ensure that no trace of any grime or dirt remains on your dress and it is well prepped for storage.

The three most common techniques for wedding dress preservation nowadays are Vacuum Sealing, Boxing and Bagging. Sealing is the most traditional and conventional technique of garment storage. It has numerous disadvantages and hence is not preferred anymore for bridal gown storage. On the other hand boxing is an acceptable method in which bridal gown is slightly folded and put in a box lined with acid-free tissues or muslin cloth. This method allows the garment to breathe and protects it from dirt and mold. However, you should take out the dress, inspect it and refold it every year to prevent permanent creasing.

The third and one of the most popular storage techniques is bagging. Even the museums across the world have adopted this procedure to preserve their heirlooms. This method not only protects your gown from sun, dust, mold, creasing and yellowing, but also makes regular inspection easier. The only thing you must remember is to avoid inferior quality plastic garment bags for storing your precious dress.

With the above knowledge you are now well prepared to select a wedding dress preservation method that is best suited for your needs!